Friday, November 20, 2009

Lost in Google translation?

I believe Google Translate is an important tool for all of us, social networkers & multi-cultural web users alike. What's the point of surfing the net & social networking, if we stick just to our own culture & language?

Sometimes I hear people complain about Google Translate results. They may be right. For example; Turkish translation feature on Google Translate was launched on 30th January 2009. At first Turkish web users were skeptic & disappointed about service's ability. Because many translation results were simply Gibberish. But in time it got improved. How?

I don't know how often do you use Google Translate. Next time you're on Google Translate page take a close look under the translation result. Have you noticed that there is the "Contribute a better translation" link. If you're bilingual (or multi-lingual) & you're sure that something's wrong with the translation, click the link & submit the right sentence. Bear in mind that you'll not only contribute to the improvement of the service, but help someone to better understand a "friend" & his/her culture, a thousand miles away. After all, isn't Web 2.0 all about sharing?

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