Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What could be your reaction to a blog post?

As I was arranging the layout of my blog, I got stuck at one point. As you can see under the post there are "Reactions" checkboxes. The default ones given by Blogger are: Funny, Interesting & Cool. At first I thought they were fine. I mean what else could a post can be? But on second thoughts different ideas came to my mind. "Good/fair/bad" or "Good point!/Don't think so/Don't know" "Agree/Disagree/Crap" etc.

I have first seen "What's your reaction?" checkboxes on Huffington Post's Entertainment articles. HuffPost likes to know, how the article "John Perry: Aerosmith Looking For New Singer" affected you: Inspiring? Funny? Hot? Scary? Outrageous? Amazing? Weird? Crazy?

You could easily write a thousand character comment about this article. But define your feelings only with one word!? It's spontanoeus. You don't have to think to decide. It's either Crazy or Inspiring... Like when I tell you a joke you can either laugh or just ignore it. It's that simple.

Of course comments are very important for a blog. Interaction between readers & writer keeps the blog alive. But, I think 'Reactions' checkboxes will become more popular & important in time. And surely the reactions will guide the blogger to write better posts.

In conclusion I'm still hesitating about which "reaction" words could be best to use... What are your thoughts? Which words would you use to define a blog post? I welcome your comments...

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