Thursday, November 12, 2009

You are what your profile picture is

That's official! Social media experts say that your avatar (profile picture) choice really matters. In my case it's a proven fact... But how? Let me explain.

Every now and than some friends from Twitter or send me messages, saying "Thanks for reminding me to have some coffee", "Oh, it's coffee time". Why? Because, my profile picture reminds them coffee :P (As you can see on the right column, I'm holding a cup in the picture)

I wasn't thinking about personal branding or endorsing coffee when I was uploading that picture. But, hey it's worked... It tells a story. Maybe I didn't do it deliberately, but I became a coffee industry spokesperson :) Sometimes I feel a bit like senor Juan Valdez (Cafe de Colombia's legendary advertisement character, the picture above.), but I think I'll get over it :)

My profile picture was taken at a Caffè Nero store (my favorite coffee house & I'm not endorsing their or any coffee house's products or services). My friend was fiddling with my new camera & took this picture. I liked the shot, but that's all. I didn't think to use it as my avatar. Only weeks later, when I found it in my photo archive, I decided to dump my previous 'lame' avatar & uploaded this picture instead. It's just that simple...

But, there's a confession I have to make. I really like coffee, but in this picture I'm not drinking coffee. It's  chai latte, with lots of frothed milk & cinnamon... Sorry to disappoint you my friends :)


  1. LOL! Your last remark was funny. Well, I appreciate your honesty. True, your avatar does say a lot about you. It's a nice picture and tks for introducing Juan Valdez and Caffè Nero to us. : )

  2. Thanks for the comment Suchu :) I personally would like to meet Juan Valdez as well LOL

  3. So the secret is out.... Now I have to go get me a hot cup of Chai! ε=ε=ε=┌( ・_・)┘
    BTW I'm glad to be able to read your writing in English!

  4. You know Yuko, I'll give you a secret: I can't keep a secret LOL Enjoy your chai...


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