Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Obama flashback

(Image credit: Gamu Toys, Japan)
U.S. President Obama just finished his speech at United Nations Climate Change Conference - "COP 15" in Copenhagen, Denmark. As I was reading the details of his speech, I recall the first days of his presidency. Whole world was in such an expectation, that the dark days created by Bush administration was over. Peaceful days were ahead! Or were we just too optimistic?

Nearly a year ago, just a few days before Obama's inauguration, I wrote a blog post about how I felt about 'new' New World Order for my blog in Turkish. The title was "How green was my hopes for Obama" :P You can use Google Translate to read it in English (or in your native language). But I must warn you, Google's translation is a bit 'fuzzy'. Translated sentences may appear stranger than they are :)

My point is; Mr. Barack Obama may be the President of the USA, but we all know that his decisions affect all the nations on earth. In my instance, I was skeptical about Obama's "superpowers" and still I am. I'm not saying it's getting worse everyday, but I'm not over-optimistic either.

Don't you feel the same?

Obama - Building a Religion - Watch today’s top amazing videos here

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