Monday, December 7, 2009

Read before Holiday shopping!

It's the most exciting time of the year: New Year is coming! It means there's a Holiday shopping spree ahead for many of us. But before doing anything crazy (!) & wasting your money just sit down & think! Even if you're meaning well, you don't want to ruin your dear one's Christmas. Do you?

At Christmas time everyone expects gift from someone, anyone. Mothers, fathers, children, grand parents, husbands, wives, in laws, friends, colleagues, neighbors... The list goes on...But you don't have to buy a gift, just to see someone tearing the wrapping with joy & excitement. There's more than that. Your gift must mean something for the receiver & he/she should remember you for the rest of the year (or hopefully for the rest of his/her life). That's the spirit of exchanging gifts.

I admit it; finding a suitable gift is a real challenge. Spending exhausting & fruitless hours in malls or on online stores is not the solution. You just can't buy something because it looks OK for you & worse, just for its price is convenient.

Before shopping, take your time & think how much you really know the person, whom you're about to buy a gift. Don't assume "He'll/she'll definitely like that!". Try to remember your conversations earlier. Observe their daily life if you can. What could be their needs?

OK! You surely can't save his/her life with your gift. But when you witness them utilizing, wearing or playing with your gift throughout the year you'll see what I mean.

And also remember: If you're not sure about buying gifts to someone distant, then don't. A candy bar for children & a greeting card for adults might be sufficient.

One more thing! This is a time for sharing. Please don't forget the ones in need. Save some money from your Holiday shopping & donate to a charity.

Last but not least, here's a video to prove my point. IMHO one of the greatest episodes of TV show "Fraiser". Enjoy!

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