Sunday, November 21, 2010

A calendar of Time Travel

Do you know when John Locke met with Richard Alpert while Daniel Faraday first came into contact with Jughead? Or when did Marty McFly arrive from 1985, narrowly escaping the Libyans? Now you don't have to spend hours on Wikipedia to find out the answers.

Thanks to The 2011 Time Traveler's Calendar, designed by Alex Griendling, you have 95 time travel occurrences on a single timeline. The info is compiled from 7 video games, 16 TV shows, 34 movies, including Back to the Future, Terminator, Lost and Chrono Trigger.

You can buy The 2011 Time Traveler's Calendar for $20 from or visit Alex Griendling's web site Alex Likes Design to see more of his work.

(Via The Awesomer)

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