Saturday, November 20, 2010

KLM will offer space flight to its frequent flyers

Royal Dutch Airlines KLM announced that it will offer sub-orbital flights to its customers. Members of KLM frequent flyer program Flying Blue can redeem points for space flights. Space flight will be included in future KLM vacation packages as well.

Space Port Curaçao.
This program will be a part of Space Experience Curacao (SXC), supported by the Government of Curaçao (pronounced /ˈkʊərəsaʊ/), an overseas territory of the Netherlands in the Caribbean. SXC envisions realizing a Commercial Space Line and Space Port on Curaçao International AirportSXC intends to offer suborbital space tourism flights and scientific research missions out of Space Port Curaçao. KLM will market & sell flights for SXC. The flights are scheduled to start in January 2014. 

View from the right seat of Lynx spacecraft.
The flights will be made on the Lynx suborbital spacecraft provided by California based aerospace company XCOR

Lynx Mark I flight profile.

Lynx will have aircraft-like operations up to four times per day from any licensed spaceport with a 2,400 meter (7900 ft) runway. Lynx is capable of flying to a height of over 100 km in altitude.

Virgin Galactic, KLM & SXC's only competitor so far, is charging a $200,000 (€146,500) ticket price for its first flights. KLM is reportedly planning to charge €70,000 a flight. Virgin Galactic scheduled 2012 to begin taking its first passengers into space.

(Via Luxuo)

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