Saturday, November 20, 2010

New BBC series "The Genius of Photography" is on YouTube

The Genius of Photography, a six part documentary series by BBC, tells the story of photography. You can watch full episodes on the official The Genius of Photography channel on YouTube.

The Genius of Photography Episode guide:
Click on the episode title to watch it on YouTube.

1. Fixing the Shadows tells the story of the birth of photography itself and the profound question that it raised, and which has never been satisfactorily answered: what is photography for?

2. Documents for Artists examines in detail the work of some of the greatest and most influential modern photographers: Alexander Rodchenko, August Sander, Man Ray, Eugene Atget, Walker Evans and Bill Brandt.

3. Right Time, Right Place examines how photographers dealt with dramatic and tragic events like D-Day, the Holocaust and Hiroshima, and the questions their often extraordinary pictures raise about history as seen through the viewfinder.

4. Paper Movies  relives the journeys that produced some of the most acclaimed paper movies. This episode also examines the arrival of colour as a credible medium for serious photographers.

5. We Are Family is about what happens when photography translates personal relationships into photographic ones, when strangers, celebrities, lovers and children get fed to the camera. It's also about what happens when photographers turn their cameras on themselves.

6. Snap Judgements asks what a photograph is worth these days.

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