Wednesday, November 17, 2010

UN global intangible cultural heritage list grows to 232

Wooden movable type printing in China
Today UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) added 63 things to the "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity". Now there are 232 festivals, art forms and ancient cultural practices from around the world getting the UN seal of approval.

  • The List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding is composed of intangible heritage elements that concerned communities and States Parties consider require urgent measures to keep them alive. In 2009, the Intergovernmental Committee inscribed 12 elements. In 2010, it inscribed additionaly 4 elements.
  • The Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity is made up of those intangible heritage practices and expressions help demonstrate the diversity of this heritage and raise awareness about its importance. The Committee incorporated 90 elements in 2008 (items formerly proclaimed Masterpieces) and inscribed 76 elements in 2009. In 2010, 47 elements have been added to the list.

Croatian Ojkanje singing
Three out of four elements added this year to the list of "The Cultural Heritages in Need of Urgent Safeguarding" are from China; Uygur Meshrep event, the watertight bulkhead technology of Chinese junks and wooden movable type printing in China. The other element made it to the list is Croatian Ojkanje singing.

Kırkpınar oil wrestling festival, Turkey
This year Kırkpınar oil wrestling festival, Semah Alevi - Bektaşi ritual and traditional Sohbet meetings from Turkey have been added to the list.

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