Friday, November 19, 2010

World's oldest champagne uncorked & sampled

Champagne expert Richard Juhlin smells the aroma. Photo: Jussi Nukari / AP

On Wednesday world's oldest champagne uncorked and sampled by wine experts on an international press event held in Mariehamn, Aaland Islands, Finland. On the event two bottles of champagne, salvaged in July from the bottom of the Baltic Sea, were uncorked. One bottle was from the house of Veuve-Clicquot (then Veuve) and the other from the now extinct house of Juglar.
According to the Luxuo blog; total of 168 bottles of champagne had lain in a sunken ship for nearly 200 years, 50 meters below the surface in the waters south of Aaland, a Finnish controlled archipelago of 6,500 islands.

One of the world’s foremost champagne experts, Richard Juhlin, told AFP that “Bottles kept at the bottom of the sea are better kept than in the finest wine cellars. Either bottle could fetch 100,000 euros (135,000 dollars)", Luxuo reports. The deputy head of the Aaland government, Britt Lundberg, announced that they planned to auction off one bottle of each make.
(Via Luxuo)

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