Friday, December 10, 2010

Compact Disc will bite the dust by 2015, says research

According to a research made by the discount vouchers site MyVoucherCodes, 64% of Brits think CD's will be obsolete by 2015. British online magazine PC Advisor reports;
More than half (56%) believe all music will be purchased in digital formats in four years' time. One in five (21%) believe the hardware to play CDs will no longer be available by 2015.
More than two in five (42%) have not purchased a CD in the past six months and 12% claim they'll never buy a CD again. However, nearly two thirds said they'd bought a digital music file in the last six months.
Nearly a third also believe the DVD will be obsolete by 2020, with 67 percent saying they expect all films to be downloaded or streamed over the web by the start of the next decade. More than a quarter (26%) think Blu-ray discs will be the dominant format for film sales during 2011.
I'm sure more and more people all around the world share similar ideas with the Brits on this subject. You don't need to be clairvoyant to foresee the demise of the physical recording mediums in a few years time. Maybe not by 2015, but definitely by 2017 - 2018... I think memory cards will be exceptional, because there's no alternative to those tiny cards in mobile phones or cameras. Yet...

On the other hand Blu-ray discs will live a little longer, as cinephiles would not give up their collections easily. Audiophiles still keep their 30 - 40 year old records, so there'll always be limited edition CD's targeting this segment of the market.

What's your opinion? Will you keep buying CD/DVD's or already got rid of your archive & opened an account on Netflix or iTunes Store?

(Via PC Advisor)

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