Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Edible iPhone, "iCookie" became a phenomenon in Japan

A small bakery did what most Japanese tech companies couldn't: an item as popular as iPhone!

Green Gables, a small countryside bakery in Tokushima, western Japan, baked a hand made "iPhone cookie" or "iCookie" back in 2008 as a special birthday gift for a customer's husband. The chocolate biscuit was decorated with colourful, edible application icons.

Eventually a photo of the cookie shared via Twitter by two popular tweeters, economy writer Kazuyo Katsuma and pop singer Kohmi Hirose and become a national phenomenon. Bakery sold hundreds of iPhone cookies since then.

The hand made iCookie is priced at 2,730 yen ($33), and is only available by order and inside Japan. Waiting time could be as long as two months.

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