Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Leonardo's lost manuscript discovered, could be the real Da Vinci Code

So Dan Brown could be right. According to BBC News "A coded manuscript by Leonardo da Vinci has been discovered in a public library in the French city of Nantes".

A journalist came across a reference to it in a Leonardo biography and the library found it among 5,000 manuscripts donated by wealthy collector Pierre-Antoine Labouchere in 1872 and then forgotten. A score by composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was also found among those documents in 2008.

The manuscript was written from right to left in Leonardo's trademark writing. It is required the use of a mirror to read and to be deciphered. I wonder if it contains any new information on Da Vinci's fantastic works or a coded message, which could trigger new conspiracy theories.

Photo: Fresco reproduction of Da Vinci's work Last Supper in the National Museum of Science & Technology: Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan, Italy. Credit: Sinan Yuzakli

(Via BBC News)

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