Thursday, December 9, 2010

New HTC smartphones come with user friendly features & a few tricks

Today, Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC introduced two new Android based 3G smartphone models along with the new HTC Sense experience to Turkish press in Istanbul, Turkey. Here's my account on the event...

Via you can remotely ring or lock your
lost phone or even erase the memory of a stolen phone.
HTC Sense service

The features of HTC Sense are designed with the most awkward moments a phone user can come across in mind. With HTC Sense you won't be embarassed in a meeting, or you won't miss a call, just because it was tucked deep in your bag, anymore. It also brings innovative & effective solutions to the navigation function.

Most importantly it lets you remotely control, track & even lock your lost or stolen phone via cloud base You can even erase the memory of the phone remotely, rather than to pass into the wrong hands...

HTC Sense is a free feature for all compatible devices, including those new models. For the full presentation of HTC Sense features click here.

HTC Desire Z has a full QWERTY slideout keyboard.

HTC Desire Z

That one became my favourite. I'm not comfortable with virtual keyboard on touchscreen phones & smartphones with slider keyboards always arouse my interest.

This 3G enabled device has a full slideout QWERTY keyboard. Wi-Fi compatibility slightly reduces your operator bills. Usual social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare & Google Buzz are all here. With Friend Stream you can view your friend's shared content from different accounts on a single page.

Desire Z not only provides Microsoft Exchange, Office &  PDF support, it also has e-mail prioritising feature & can collect all e-mail accounts in one mailbox. It's Flash Player 10.1 compatible & allows multi-window web browsing. It has Dropbox, which is a very practical way of file sharing.

I had the opportunity to take a quick peek on HTC Desire Z during the event, thanks to Karina Pereira, HTC's South Eastern Europe Marketing Manager. First thing I noticed was the ease of use of the keyboard. The touch screen was quite intuitive. 3,7 inch (9,4 cm) screen makes it easy to browse the phonebook entries or messages. I liked the metallic, robust feeling of aluminium body.

HTC Desire HD can record 720p HD quality images.

With its huge 4,3 inch (10,9 cm) touch screen & 1 Ghz processor Desire HD is almost a mini tablet in your pocket. It is equipped with Dolby Mobile & SRS technologies for better audio performance. This phone can record 720p HD images & has a dual-LED flash 8 megapixel camera.

Both phones have DLNA support, so that you can share the contents on your phone like videos, music or photos directly to a DLNA compatible HDTV.

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