Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The best way to follow Consumer Electronics Show 2011 news

There's no such thing, believe me...

I used to work for technology publications, mostly for consumer electronics magazines. CES was (and still is) one of the most important trade shows in the world, in its category. Others are IFA in Germany & CEATEC in Japan.

I worked nearly 10 years in the CE industry, nevertheless I couldn't have been to a single CES. I was always unavailable when CES starts and my colleagues would visit & cover the show instead. I was able to cover IFA a couple of times however. Anyway.

Those were the times when tech companies were launching a few products every year & CES (and other shows) was a great place to display their new gadgets and technologies. Then it had a meaning for magazines to cover all the details of the show and it was exciting for the readers to skim through the pages, full of new products.

Now internet became widespread and companies launch new products, almost every single day. Zillions of web sites & blogs race to break the news. Let alone to see the image of a new product, now you can even watch a few minutes of video about it.

I don't say CES (and the trade shows generally) lost its importance, it's still a perfect place for tech enthusiasts, businessmen & companies to converge, meet & share ideas. I'd still love to visit CES and spend days there.

On the other hand, on Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader etc. CES frenzy started a few weeks ago and already there's a blizzard of CES forecasts in my timeline. I don't know what will happen when CES starts 8 hours later? That's too much!

I hereby declare a social media silence until the end of the CES, January 9. Then I'll pour a cup of coffee, pick a proper CES report from a web site or blog and enjoy the highlights... What about reading it on a magazine? Sorry, I'm not that patient anymore...

Edit: Right now a post on Facebook caught my attention: Lady Gaga's collaboration with Polaroid to be revealed tomorrow. I knew it!

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